Manufacturing and Applied Technology

Manufacturing Technology

Everything around you right now was manufactured by someone, somewhere. From the computer you are using, to the shoes you are wearing, and all the modern conveniences that surround you, all were made using Manufacturing Technology.

The COCC Manufacturing and Applied Technology Center trains workers for future success in Central Oregon with several Manufacturing Technology Certificates and a Manufacturing Technology Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

Manufacturing Facts:

  • Contrary to popular belief and the media, manufacturing is alive and well in the United States.
  • While many low skilled jobs have moved overseas, productivity gains have also created new opportunities for high tech workers in manufacturing.
  • Demographic shifts are causing an enormous worker shortage in high tech manufacturing. Baby-Boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day leaving many manufacturing jobs unfilled.

Explore the many career opportunities available in manufacturing!

For more information contact:

Christopher Baughman - Director of Manufacturing Technology
Phone: 541-504-2933