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Employee Training Summary

To ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, COCC is committed to providing on-going training for employees and in particular, those with active roles coordinating, investigating or playing other central roles associated with sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic or dating violence and stalking. Trainings to date include:

2020-21 Trainings

 COCC Senior Leadership Team, Title IX Overview – Alicia Moore, Presenter
June 2020

Laura Boehme, Director of Human Resources and
Andrew Davis, Director of Student and Campus Life
Title IX Overview – Alicia Moore, Presenter
July 2020

Alicia Moore, Title IX Coordinator Training
Completed August 2020

Layla Solar, Investigator Training
Completed August 2020

Tyler Hayes, Investigator Training
Completed August 2020

Laura Boehme, Hearing Officer Training
Completed in September 2020

Andrew Davis, Hearing Officer Training
Completed in September 2020

Campus Public Safety, Title IX Overview – Alicia Moore, Presenter
Completed October 2020

Carrie Walker, Investigator Training
Completed December 2020

Residence Hall Community Assistant Training

2021-22 Trainings Annual Training

Alicia Moore, Annual Training

Layla Solar, Annual Training

Carrie Walker, Annual Training

Andrew Davis, Annual Training

Laura Boehme, Annual Training

Tyler HAyes, Annual Training