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"I've never been good at fractions."

I believe that the majority of students who struggle with fractions actually aren't struggling with fractions, but with the core prerequisite skills that are required to "do fractions" fluently.  It's like building a house on the beach.  Without a solid foundation, the house eventually crumbles.  You can keep rebuilding in the same place, but it is never a permanent, stable home.

This module is designed to back-fill critical foundational skills, which then allows you to build a solid structure meant to stay. 

If you have good fluency with multiplication basic facts (without the use of a calculator), then you can skip unit one, but if not, please spend time exploring the resources that are designed to help strengthen your multiplication basic fact skills.

Similarly with units 2, 3, and 4.  Please at least skim through those units to make certain you have the foundational skills covered in those sections.  If not, stop and read the content and work through the activities.  Some of the material may not seem related now, but will be critical to your later work computing with fractions.

Units 5 and 6 are the units that you probably thought you were coming for.  Once again, spending time in units 1 - 4 first is really important.

Unit 7 reviews order of operations, but more importantly it provides mixed operation practice.  (Practice switching gears between adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.)  This type of work is critical in helping your brain really sort out the differences in how we do each of those operations. 

Unit 8 is the only truly optional unit.  Since many of you have found your way to this module because you are having difficulties using fractions in your other math classes, this unit will look at common trouble spots in Algebra and other courses where fractions are involved.



Set.  Go.

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All worksheets will open in a new window.  Answer keys to all worksheets are linked at the bottom of that page.

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