Introduction to Fractions

Now that you have a well stocked tool kit of skills - multiplication facts, listing factors, prime factorization, divisibility rules... it is time to talk about fractions.

You have been exposed to fractions from a very young age (did you share half a candy bar with a sibling, or decide how to split a pizza between 8 people?), so you've already had an introduction to fractions. 

The important message for this section is for you to find a model for thinking about fractions. 


If you work at all with a ruler (construction, sewing, crafts) you have a handy model to help you visualize fraction.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you cook or bake, then perhaps your model will be measuring cups and spoons.



Many of the problems you will do involving fractions don't require fancy rules if you can visualize and think about fractions in context. 

Two of the most common visuals for fractions are circles (pies, pizzas, cookies) and strips (rulers, candy bars). 

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