Order Of Operations 

You may be saying to yourself that you know Order of Operations, so you can skip this unit, but please don't.

The rules for order of operations don't change just because there are fractions in the problem, but your fluency with computing with fractions may change because they are in longer problems requiring the use of order of operations.

When you reviewed multiplication of fractions you may have said, "Oh yeah, I remember this now." but having to remember all four operations in random order forces your brain to really begin solidifying the rules for fraction computation. 

Doing larger order of operations problems also forces you to be and stay organized. 

If you still think you don't need to do problems in this section, do at least one or two problems on the worksheet in the Order of Operations With Fractions section to make certain. 

This unit has two sections.  The first section has a quick review of the order of operations rules and another way to think about doing order of operations problems that can save time and steps.  The second section has a worksheet with problems to solve and links to video resources.

Order Of Operation Rules 
Order Of Operations With Fractions