Faculty Evaluation Standards-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the criteria by which faculty are evaluated?
    • Performance in primary assignment
    • Professional improvement
    • Service to the College
    • Service to the community
  2. How can I find out more about what is meant by these broad categories of performance?
  3. How will I be evaluated, when, and by whom?
  4. How are the categories weighted?
  5. What are the essential documents which discuss expectations for full-time faculty performance and the processes by which the College tracks and evaluates that performance?
  6. What use is made of student evaluations?
    • Each time these are administered, the summaries are reviewed by department chairs, the appropriate dean, and the Vice President for Instruction. Then the summaries are placed in the personnel file and are reviewed (eventually) by the Tenure Committee and the Faculty Promotions Committee.
    • Timeline:
      • Instructors in their first two years at COCC: student evaluations conducted each term all sections.
      • After second year at COCC (for full-time instructors): student evaluations conducted one term per academic year, all sections in that term.
      • see Course Evaluations FAQs for Faculty for additional information.
  7. What documents go into the Human Resource file?
    See also: General Procedures Manual - Contents of Personnel Files: Faculty
    - Promotions: Helpful Links (see Promotion checklist)
    - What Constitutes a Complete File for Tenure

    Summative Evaluation

    Annual Reports

    Professional Improvement: PIRT Documents / Review

    Student evaluations: summary report goes to file. All classes for 1st 2 years; then all in one term annually for full time faculty; may continue all classes for part time faculty. Student evaluations requirements apply to all COCC faculty.

    Report activities in:

    • primary assignment
    • professional improvement
    • service to college
    • service to community

    Professional Improvement Plan (PIP proposals for new 4-year cycle: due the first Friday of Spring Term)

    Significant revision to approved PIP within a 4-year cycle must be submitted for approval

    Peer team reports (2nd year, 4th year prior to tenure..., every 5th year after tenure)

    Includes brief DE comment

    PIP Funding Requests

    Designated evaluator review and recommendations

    Due October 15 each year

    PIP Final Reports (due at the end of 4-year PIP cycle)

    Administrative evaluation -- 2nd year


    Sabbatical proposals and reports

  8. For faculty on alternate contracts (that is, the annual contract includes Summer term), what are the standards for performance in Summer term?
    • The standards do not change for Summer Term. Faculty requesting an alternate contract will submit a Request for Alternate Contract by the beginning of Spring quarter, for the following academic year.
  9. What if I teach for an upper-division partner at Oregon State University -- Cascades Campus: how will my performance in that situation be tracked?
    • The faculty member's Parent Institution shall: 1) conduct standard student evaluations as required by the Parent Institution, 2) seek permission from the faculty member to share the information with the institution offering the course, and, 3) if permission is granted, share this evaluation with the institution offering the course. If the institution offering the course wishes to conduct its own form of evaluations, those results shall be shared with the Parent Institution. Whenever the evaluation procedures of the faculty member's Parent Institution require class visits or other contact with students or courses, such class visits shall be allowed consistent with ORS352.226 (Section 5.2 of 2016-2017 OSU/COCC Educational Affiliation Agreement).
  10. What are the standards for performance and the processes for evaluation of part-time and adjunct faculty? (Please see Course Evaluations FAQs for Faculty)
  11. How can I be sure I'm understanding this? If you have questions at any time, ask your chair, dean, or the Vice President of Instruction.