Electivo Sessions


Electivo sessions descriptions. Choose one for each time slot.
All courses are taught in Spanish.

Beginning: This course taught in Beginning level Spanish. All levels are welcome.

Intermediate: This course taught in Intermediate level Spanish. Intermediate and above level students are encouraged to attend. All levels are welcome.

Advanced: This course is taught in Advanced level Spanish. Advanced level students are encouraged to attend. All levels are welcome.

  • Spanish Culture & Festivals

    100: Miles to Build a Bridge - Mario Mendoza (Tuesday keynote)

    Bend's professional ultra-runner Mario Mendoza tells his story of setting out to run 100 miles in a single day with the goal of inspiring, uniting and bridging the divide between the people and countries he loves - America and Mexico. Attendees will watch the documentary, 100 Miles: To Build a Bridge and then Mario will discuss his experience.

    Spanish in the United States - Jacquie Hinds

    Over 42 million people speak Spanish in the U.S. Did you know there is an Academy of the Spanish Language in the U.S.? In this course we will briefly explore the history of the Spanish language in our country. We will look at the various Hispanic countries and cultures represented in our country by region. We will focus on tips for working with Spanish-speakers from different countries. There will be a particular focus on language and culture in Central Oregon.

    Una Semana En Oaxaca - Laurie Clarcq

    Explore the preparations and celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photos and regalia from Day of the Dead 2018 will be shared.

    Dreaming w/Pedro: Buenos y malos hábitos

    Based on the Videos Dreaming Spanish with Pedro, learn cultural standards of good and bad manners in Spain, and compare those with notions in the United States. Students will acquire vocabulary associated with manners. 

  • Spanish Cuisine/Music/Art/Games

    Gastronomic Tour of Perú - Angela Quepuy Arana

    An entertaining journey through the history and tradition of Peruvian gastronomy in this exciting session. From its ancestral roots to its explosion onto the global culinary scene, discover how Peruvian cuisine has captivated hearts and palates worldwide. We will delve into the rich culinary history of the country, exploring its emblematic ingredients and the cultural influences that have shaped its diverse gastronomic offerings. Additionally, we'll unravel some traditional recipes that will transport you to the authentic flavors of Peru, inviting you to experience the culinary magic of this extraordinary country.

    Wines from Spanish Speaking Regions - Sarah Wolcott

    A tasting of four wines, each from a different Spanish speaking country: Spain, Argentina, Chile and Mexico

    El maté - Silvi Galmozzi

    Taste this traditional South American, caffeine-rich, infused herbal drink, while learning about the unique, ubiquitous, and strangely shaped containers used for sipping.

    Juegos comunitarios – Michele Whaley

    Join our interactive class for beginning learners, where you'll respond to directions in Spanish while playing improv and guessing games designed to build community. Through activities that include learning one another's names, be ready to move and have fun.

    Canciones para niños - Michele Whaley

    Join a musical journey to expand beginning Spanish vocabulary through playful children's songs. The catchy melodies and accompanying videos will make learning effortless!

    Selena: Para Siempre – Laurie Clarcq

    Catch a glimpse into the life and music of Selena Quintanilla Perez. Selena has touched the lives of millions and continues to do so!  Come and learn about this lovely young woman and her legacy.

    Desde El Fondo De Mi Corazón - Laurie Clarcq

    Songs speak to the heart, mind and soul. The class will explore popular songs in Spanish that tell stories and teach expressions that will never be forgotten.

    Juego del pato – Silvi Galmozzi

    Did you think that soccer was Argentina’s national sport? Actually, Pato is a game played on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball. Since 1953 it has been the national sport of Argentina. Learn about the history and the rules of the game and the people that still play it today and watch a match to see how fun it is. We will learn some vocabulary related to the game and the traditions and customs to celebrate after a match is over.

    Game Time – Silvi Galmozzi

    Games can be highly educational and a fun way to practice all the Spanish we are learning this week! This session will have different games intended to be played for 15 minutes before switching to the next game to practice a different subject, or vocabulary or simply to engage with a different group of students.

    Kloo - Silvi Galmozzi

    Kloo is intended to learn (and practice) hundreds of Spanish words as well as build sentences. Race to Madrid will take us on a fun trip around Spain. Shopping, clothing, everyday objects, etc. Can be played with up to 4 people or 4 teams of whatever many people we want to include.

  • Spanish Regions/Travel

    Adventure Tourism - David Kargol

    Tired of relaxing on vacation? Join us as we explore ten of the most adrenaline-inducing destinations in the Spanish-speaking world. From snorkeling in Mexico's underwater caves to biking Bolivia's infamous "death road," these extreme itineraries will leave you anything but bored. 

    Year in Chile - David Kargol

    In this session we'll explore the expansive Andean nation of Chile through the lens of a year spent living and teaching in the capitol city of Santiago. Follow my route through this mountainous land, ranging from the northern deserts of Atacama to the glaciers of Patagonia.  

    The World of Alpaca - Angela Quepuy Arana

    Discover the fascinating world of alpacas! We will delve into the unique and distinctive characteristics of their soft and luxurious wool, while exploring their natural habitat in the majestic landscapes of Peru. We will explore in detail how these Andean creatures have been fundamental for Peruvian communities throughout history, not only because of their soft fur, but also due to their adaptability to the demanding Andean environment.

  • Spanish Language Acquisition & Comprehension

    CI Panel Discussion – Laurie Clarcq, Michele Whaley, Skip Crosby

    Join our panel discussion on Comprehensible Input strategies! Whether you're a teacher interested in expanding skills, a parent who wants to support your child's language learning journey, or a student wanting to learn strategies for language acquisition, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more. Our panelists will share experiences, insights, and best practices on using CI strategies to improve language acquisition.

    Embedded Reading Info Session – Michele Whaley, Laurie Clarcq

    Use embedded reading techniques in a variety of fun and focused activities designed to heighten interest in and improve comprehension of text and improve overall language acquisition.

    Embedded Reading Practice Session - Michele Whaley, Laurie Clarcq

    Learn embedded reading techniques in a variety of fun, and focused activities, designed to heighten interest in and improve comprehension of text, and improve overall language acquisition.

    La Llorona I: The tale that captivates

    In the first of four sessions, we'll delve into the key plot points of the legend of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman. You won't yet discover why this story is passed down from generation to generation in Latin America, but that revelation will come later in the series. Who knows, by the end, you might be the one scaring kids with this story!

    While this series is designed for complete beginners, everyone is welcome. We'll listen to, act out, and read the legend. Students can attend any or all sessions.

    La Llorona II: The suspense deepens

    In the second session, we'll learn more about the unfortunate children whose lives are entwined with the legend of La Llorona. Join us to explore the story and add to the suspense and drama. While this series is designed for complete beginners, everyone is welcome. We'll listen to, act out, and read the legend. Students can attend any or all sessions. 

    La Llorona III: Unveiling the truth

    Why did he leave her? Who remains to tell the tale? In the third session, we'll start unraveling the events that led to the legend of La Llorona. While this series is designed for complete beginners, everyone is welcome. We'll listen to, act out, and read the legend. Students can attend any or all sessions.

    La Llorona IV: The revelation

    In this final dramatic reading, you'll discover all the chilling details of La Llorona! Learn why this tale both terrifies and protects children who hear it. 

    One Word Images - Skip Crosby

    Improve your language acquisition using creative One Word Image techniques. Learn the steps of OWI, from building characters to using questioning and circling techniques for repetition.

    Circling w/Cards - Skip Crosby

    This session will use an acquisition strategy called “Circling with Cards” to help the class learn about each other, acquire the language and engage 100% in Spanish.  Have fun in this highly engaging activity designed to keep the conversation compelling and comprehensible! Readers’ Theater - Skip Crosby

    Reader's Theater is an effective, fun and interactive way to make greater strides in Spanish fluency, reading comprehension and overall language acquisition.

    Pronunciation - Jacquie Hinds

    Using songs, tongue twisters, and common phrases, participants will learn, and practice the correct way to pronounce vowels and consonants in Spanish. We will then delve into the perplexing world of syllabication and accentuation.

    Memorization Techniques - Jacquie Hinds

    Learn mnemonic devices and other tricks to memorize vocabulary. Bring your grammar manual so you can put your newfound skills to work.

  • Professional Development

    The Art of Interpreting - Janet Gesme

    Facts and skills everyone should know. Are you interested in being an interpreter? Or do you think you couldn’t do it in a million years? Either way, this class is for you! We all find ourselves in situations where communication can be greatly improved by using our second language to interpret. Your language skills, no matter how strong or weak, can put others at ease and help people understand each other. In this class you will learn how to bridge the gap between different languages and cultures. Together we will practice maximizing the skills and tools available to us.