Professional Improvement Resource Team

The Professional Improvement Resource Team (PIRT) is an advisory committee for faculty who seek assistance in drafting, developing or revising their Professional Improvement Plans (PIP). The committee will also verify that the PIP is consistent with promotion expectations and needs no further review. The committee shall publish appropriate timetables, procedures, and other material to facilitate faculty professional improvement at Central Oregon Community College. The committee is part of the approval process for sabbaticals and selects the recipients of the Faculty Achievement Awards.

PIRT Resources

Please see the faculty Canvas account titled "Professional Improvement Resource Team (PIRT)" for resources, templates and sample PIPs.

The Faculty Professional Improvement Resource Team is made up of six faculty members, at least two of whom must have rank of Associate Professor or higher, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs or appointee. Four faculty vacancies will be filled by an election of tenured faculty from the Forum seeking representation from both CTE and transfer. To insure a member has recent Promotion or Tenure Committee experience, the Vice President of Academic Affairs shall appoint one faculty member from names submitted by the Faculty Forum. Committee members may apply for sabbaticals while serving on PIRT but must recuse themselves from the selection process. Faculty committee members will serve staggered three-year terms. In the spring, the committee will elect a faculty member as chair for the following year. It shall be the chair's responsibility to call the first meeting in the fall, to prepare an agenda and to preside over all meetings.

Strategic Plan can be located at:   https://www.cocc.edu/departments/college-planning/strategic-plan.aspx

Full Time Funding Request

*Funding Requests must be approved by office of VPAA in advance of the activity or expenditure. A current PIP plan must be on file to be eligible for funding. Send all funding and reimbursement requests to kleaders@cocc.edu

Full Time Funding Request

Adjunct/Full Time Temporary PIP Funding Request

Adjunct and FT Temp PIP Funding Request Instructions and PIP funding Request Template

Additional PIP Funding Request

Additional PIP Funding Request

Sabbatical Requests

Please see the faculty Canvas account titled "Professional Improvement Resource Team (PIRT)" for additional resources, on submitting sabbatical requests.

PIRT Deadlines

Submission of new PIP plans:
PIPs are due to the Professional Improvement Resource Team ("PIRT") by the first Friday of Spring Term in the first year of your new cycle.  New faculty first cycle PIP plans due by October 15 of their second year.  Send all new PIP plans to PIRT chair and specialist.  See Canvas for template and instructions.

NOTE: Final report for previous PIP must be submitted before new PIP will be reviewed.

PIP Funding Request Revisions:
Normally, minimum of 2 weeks prior to expected expenditure. Funding requests will be reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or an appointee.

Funding Request Revisions:
Two weeks prior to any needed action, such as submitting to file or reviewing funding requests.

Final Reports:
Due by October 15th following the August 31st ending date of the four-year cycle. Plans submitted after this date may not meet Tenure and Promotion file closure deadlines.  Send to kleaders@cocc.edu

PIP Final Report Template

Sabbatical Proposals:
4th Monday of November, by 4:30 pm (of the year prior to the sabbatical).  Send to kleaders@cocc.edu.

Sabbatical Final Reports:
Normally, within 30 working days of return to college (per contract). See Canvas for template. Send to kleaders@cocc.edu  


Current PIRT Committee Members