2023-27 Strategic Plan

Charting Our Path Forward

Explore COCC's Strategic Plan for 2023-2027, anchored by our mission, inspired by our vision, guided by our values, and driven by strategic goals. The College will accomplish this work through key action projects and we will measure our progress in a publicly available Strategic Plan assessment.

Trees changing to fall colors in front of the COCC Middleton Science Center



Central Oregon Community College empowers students and engages communities through high-quality, equitable and accessible lifelong education. 


At Central Oregon Community College, we are committed to fostering a culture of excellence in education that empowers all members of our communities to reach their full potential. We strive to promote equity, inclusion and sustainability in all aspects of our College, ensuring every student has access to needed resources and supports. By providing high-quality education and building strong community partnerships, we prepare our students to excel in their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to the workforce needs of our region. 


  • Empowering Students
    We create an environment that honors students’ strengths, addresses their individual needs and helps them achieve their goals.
  • Engaging Our Communities
    We dedicate ourselves to the vitality of our communities through meaningful, impactful and accessible programs, partnerships and services.
  • Championing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
    We celebrate different cultures, values and viewpoints and commit ourselves to creating a College that proactively addresses systemic injustice and strives for equity, opportunity, and access.
  • Supporting Colleagues
    We embrace the worth and dignity of our faculty and staff and support their integral role in shaping the future of our students and communities.
  • Achieving Excellence
    We create an educational environment that cultivates innovation, creativity and quality and supports all in reaching their highest potential.
  • Embracing Environmental Sustainability
    We commit to responsible stewardship of our natural environment, today and for future generations.
  • Fostering Communication
    We commit to transparent, accessible, and inclusive communication.
  • Advancing Fiscal and Operational Sustainability
    We prioritize academic, fiscal and operational choices that preserve the long-term health of the College, while being nimble and responsive to change.


  • Student-Ready College
    COCC welcomes all students by addressing their individual needs and helping them achieve their goals.
  • Access
    COCC expands access by providing students with equitable opportunities and the resources needed to achieve their goals.
  • Community Engagement
    COCC engages with and responds to the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Workforce Development
    COCC develops and aligns educational opportunities with regional workforce needs and industry standards.
  • College Sustainability
    COCC creates processes and systems to foster a high-quality and operationally sustainable work, learning, and natural environments.

Action Projects