Explore careers and educational possibilities in World Languages

World Languages Career Possibilities: Translator, Interpreter, Bilingual Educator, Travel and tourism operator, Journalist, Foreign service officer, International technology, business, and finance

Students who are bilingual or multilingual can choose from an unlimited array of career options. From translation work in a variety of fields to careers that blossom with the addition of a second — or third — language, students work closely with their advisor to develop transfer plans based on their degree and career goals.

Students who complete an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree at COCC and then complete a bachelor’s degree in their chosen language, are prepared to launch careers in education, government, journalism, business, and more. Whatever path you choose, World Languages classes at COCC will be sure to expand your perspective of the world and set you up for a lifetime of opportunity.


Community college world language instructor pointing at spain on a big map