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Geology Field Trip"Civilization exists by geologic consent, subject to change without notice."
- Will Durant

Geology is unique among the sciences in that it uses concepts and laws from other fields (chemistry, physics, etc.) to try and understand the messy, infinitely complicated real world. In practice, this means we must go out and explore the outstanding geology in our backyard via field trips!

Geology includes natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, processes responsible for earth's internal structure and external landforms, earth resources such as fossil fuels and water, a geologic perspective on earth’s dynamic climate, as well as a focus on geologic time, including the history of the planet.

For geology majors interested in transferring and completing a bachelor of science in geology, we recommend supplemental coursework in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

COCC geology coursework includes: Geology I (interior processes), Geology II (surface processes), Geology III (earth history), Cascade Volcanoes (field-based) and other field-based courses, Geology of the Pacific Northwest, and Physical Science: Geology.

Career Opportunities in Geology
Positions as researchers in both private industry and government, environmental areas, energy resource and mining industries, teaching, geological engineering, and ground water resource management.

For details and course requirements see:
Geology - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (Online Catalog)

Virtual Geology Field Trips
Take a virtual Geology field trip with videos from Geology professor, Hal Wershow.

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