Student Stories

Samuel Ezra Fisch

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree

"I was always impressed by the level of generosity, interest, and care that my teachers brought to their classes."

— Samuel Ezra Fisch, Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree recipient from COCC, and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has shown at the Czong Institute in South Korea, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Brattleboro Museum. 

Samuel Ezra Fisch


Jordan Dickinson

COCC Art Student 

"The instructors that I've had at COCC, especially in the Art department, have truly been invaluable to my education. COCC has the type of instructors that care about their students' success and well-being. Their guidance has opened my eyes to new paths for my future, and the knowledge they've shared has allowed me to further develop my work as an artist."

"Art is my passion... it's a lifelong adventure of learning and creating and I am so excited for what the future brings."

— Jordan Dickinson, Art student whose future plans include a bachelor's degree at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. 

Jodan Dickinson