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Visual Arts and Art History

COCC's Visual Arts program includes courses in art history, painting, ceramics, jewelry and metalwork, drawing, photography and more. COCC's main art facility, Pence Hall, houses art studios fully equipped with drawing tables, easels, potter's wheels and metalwork equipment all exclusively for student use. Students and faculty members develop extraordinary art exhibits each year. In addition to displaying their own work, they bring artistic works from across the nation to the Gallery at the Pinckney Center.

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Our Art History program includes the popular introductory survey courses, which take students on a whirlwind tour of the world's masterpieces from ancient times to the present, as well as an occasional special topic like Native American art history.

Visual Arts Faculty

  • Natasha Bacca (Photography, 2D-Design)
  • Paula Bullwinkel (photography, painting)
  • Moe Carolin (Raku, Ceramics)
  • William Cravis (Sculpture, 3D Design)
  • Karen Ellis (Drawing, 2D-Design, Illustration)
  • Ian Factor (Painting, Drawing, 2D Design, Illustration)
    News article: Globe Trotting Artist Joins COCC
  • Terri Gloeckler (Drawing)
  • Venus Nguyen (2-D and Graphic Design)
  • Shin Yeon Jeon (Ceramics, Sculpture)
  • Dominique Kongsli (Graphic Design)
  • Jason Lamb (Art History)
  • Andrew Lorish (Watercolor & Printmaking)  
  • Mary Jo Weiss (Metals)
  • Breezy Winters (Photography)

Visual Arts Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to use elements of design and composition, materials, technologies, process and organizational principles of various media.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the value of aesthetic engagement and the role that visual arts play in society.
  3. Students will analyze and interpret, orally and/or in writing their own and other students' works of art created for class assignments.
  4. Students will exhibit technical skill and visual communication particular to their chosen medium.
  5. Students will engage in creative problem solving in their own work.

The Arbor Ballet - 2017

This site-related installation explores the arboreal dance occurring in Oregon's High Desert. Aspen, birch, juniper and pine trees were cast from Central Oregon Community College Campus Arboretum tryouts. Ten trees with custom fabric tutus on their boles used local breezes, rain and snowfall to make their dance visible.

Arbor Ballet

The Arbor Ballet world premiere on October 5 featured cellist Emma Chaput playing Song of Our Warming Planet a composition by Daniel Bradford. Forest Resources professor Dr. Rebecca Franklin spoke on how dendrologists Make Climate Data Sing. The Arbor Ballet is a public artwork created to complement Lessicks solo exhibit of tree-themed sculpture, painting and projects in the Campus Art Gallery in Bend, Oregon.

Arbor Ballet and Cellist