Graphic Standards and Style Guide

COCC strives to maintain consistency and integrity in its visual identity. The COCC logo and mark have been carefully designed to reflect our identity. These graphics are familiar to our many audiences, which include: students, faculty, staff, donors, event audiences, our community members and partners. In order to maintain graphic integrity, it is very important that the COCC logo and graphics mark must be used with care using a few simple guidelines.

COCC Style Guide

Please refer to the COCC Graphic Identity Style Guide for information about COCC graphic identity and logo usage.

COCC Graphic Identity Style Guide (PDF)

COCC follows standard Associated Press (AP) style guidelines. See Writing Style for details.

The COCC Logo

COCC Logo with Callouts Since 2008, this mark has served as the exclusive logo for Central Oregon Community College. It represents the COCC spirit in that it is positive and hopeful, that it provides light (the sun and moon) and guidance, it is professional, yet friendly and approachable. It was developed by a local agency, The Shop. The logo is comprised of two parts: the logotype and the COCC symbol or mark.

These two components should always be used as one unit together. The logotype and symbol/mark should never be used separately. The COCC logo should never be altered or modified. Position, size and color, along with the spatial and proportional relationships of the COCC logo elements are predetermined and should not be altered. Please see other guidelines and details in this guide.

COCC Logo Files for Download 
(Department logos are available on the Employee Intranet)

The COCC Symbol/Mark

COCC Mark Whenever possible, use the complete logo shown above. However, when spatial circumstances are extremely limited, it may be possible to use this single mark that has 'COCC' enclosed within the symbol. Exceptions include situations where sizing of the logo proportions would take the tagline below a legible 6 point type size.

On occasion, this mark may also be used for lining up text and secondary identities. See more details in the style guide.

You must contact the Marketing and Public Relations office at 541.383.7599 for approval to use this mark.

Logo Variations

We request that you use the color logo whenever possible. However, we understand that there are certain circumstances that require a one-color or tonal version. For that reason, we have these additional logo options. All of these are available to download from our website in multiple formats depending on your needs.

Secondary Identities

Certain departments or clubs have been approved to have a signature/secondary identity to the College. This is only permitted when created through requests made to Aimee Metcalf:, 541.383.7214. 

COCC Marketing and PR Deparement Logo

Logo Sizing

Do not reproduce the logo or secondary identities less than 1-1/4 inches in width. At widths less than this, the clarity and integrity of the logo is compromised. If an outside vendor must resize the logo, it must not be reproduced smaller than the 1-1/4 inches wide.

Logo Proportions

When resizing the logo, it is critical that it be resized proportionately. Use the shift key when drag sizing (applies to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and most graphic and word processing software for both Windows and Macintosh platforms), or use equal percentages when using a scaling tool.

COCC Logo Proportions

Improper Logo Use

Never alter or redraw the logo elements. They should not be rearranged, rotated, animated, shadowed, or rendered in three-dimensional form without prior authorization. Always reproduce the logo from authorized digital files. Please help us maintain the integrity of the logo by not doing any of the following:

Do not put a drop shadow on the logo.

COCC Logo Improper Use Shadow

Do not place the logo on top of extremely strong, low-contrasting colors. Do not place the logo on top of other distracting objects.

COCC Logo Improper Use Busy Bg COCC Logo Improper Use Distracting Bg

The College Seal

COCC SealThe official Central Oregon Community College seal is used on formal documents such as diplomas or other official administrative communications emanating from the President's office or the Board of Directors. The seal is also used for official ceremonial functions such as commencement and may appear on approved plaques, flags, or furniture. The seal is not the College logo. It should not be used on stationery or brochures as a logo. Generally, it should be reserved for official and ceremonial functions.

Please contact the Marketing and Public Relations Office with any questions that you might have concerning proper use and reproduction of the College seal.


The COCC Mascot

The official Central Oregon Community College mascot is the bobcat and was adopted in 1964. The bobcat has no gender or name. Typically the bobcat is only used for recruiting/marketing purposes. The bobcat should not be used in College email signatures or course materials. The illustrations below were created by local graphic artist Chuck Moser.
If you wish to use any of the bobcat images, please contact Marketing and Public Relations.

Mascot COCC Bobcat Poses

In 2014 the fierce bobcat logo was created. This logo is used primarily for sports and athletics.
If you wish to use any of these, please contact Marketing and Public Relations.

Mascot COCC Sports Bobcat