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Bobcat PRINT provides secure printing for students and community members on designated campus printers. When connected to the campus network (wireless | wired), login to Bobcat PRINT with your COCC username and password to submit documents and release print jobs. The cost per page is $0.05 for black & white and $0.15 for color, charged against your Bobcat PRINT account.

 Bobcat PRINT User Portal

How to PRINT

Web Print (upload to print)

  • Select Web Print from the left menu
  • Click the Submit a Job button
  • Select a printer
  • Click the Print Options and Account Selection button
  • Click Upload Documents
  • Drag files or upload from computer
  • Click Upload & Complete
  • Release documents from your Bobcat PRINT queue

Mobility Print (print from your application)

  • Download the Mobility Print printer setup: http://bobcatprint:9163/setup
  • Run the Mobility Print installer to install your printers
  • Print using your application print function
  • Release documents from your Bobcat PRINT queue

How to PAY

Transfer GoPrint Cash Card Balance

  • Give your GoPrint card to a Computer Lab Attendant, Library Associate, or Cashier
  • You will receive a Bobcat PRINT card in return
  • Login to Bobcat PRINT
  • Click the "Redeem Card" link.
  • Enter the card number

Credit / Debit Card Payment  

  • Available Fall 2022
  • Click the "Add Credit" link in your Bobcat PRINT portal
  • Choose the amount you want to add: $1, $2, $5, $10
  • Click Add Value  
  • You will be taken to a secure payment portal operated by Authorize.Net (a Visa solution) to complete your payment

Request a REFUND

If your print job fails due to a printer or toner malfunction (e.g., paper jam, streak, low toner), you may request a refund to have a credit applied to your Bobcat PRINT account. View Recent Print Jobs, and select "request refund." All refund requests may be reviewed by the administrator.

request refund


Bobcat PRINT Locations

  • Barber Library (LIBPAT)
  • Pioneer Computer Lab (PIO200)
  • Boyle Education Center (BECMALL)
  • Grandview Fireside Room (GRV200)
  • Redmond Computer Lab (RTC137)
  • Redmond Commons (RTC224)
  • Prineville Computer Lab (PRI114)
  • Wickiup Residence Hall (future)


For assistance, visit a Computer Lab or contact COCC Student Tech Support at 
web:   email:   phone: 541-383-7716
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