Exercise Physiology Lab

The Physiology Lab is now open for all testing.*

Please Note: Upon entry to the lab, participants must submit a self-check questionnaire completed the same day of testing. Click Here for a printable PDF of the self-check sheet.

*Due to COVID-19, certain protocols have been implemented to protect the health and safety of participants and staff. Please feel free to contact the lab via email if you have any questions.


Contact Phone: 541-383-7768

For more information please contact JT Strang: jstrang@cocc.edu or by phone 541-383-7768.

The Exercise Physiology Lab is located next to the Mazama Gym on the COCC Bend campus. View location info and map.

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Athletic Performance Profile

Our most popular test! Benefits everyone from beginners to competitive athletes. If you are looking to improve your training or begin an aerobic program, this is the test for you! Includes VO2 max for specific sport, body composition, lactate analysis, and a 30 minute interpretation of results conducted in person.

  • Individual $ 185.90
  • 4 or more $ 163.00
  • 15 or more $ 126.50


  • Bring a friend-schedule two tests for one day and receive $10 off each test.
  • Save 25% when you purchase two tests for yourself to be completed in a 12 month period (must pay for both tests on first visit). $275.00

The goal of the athletic performance test is to determine individualized training zones using lactate and ventilatory information. Heart rates vary greatly among individuals, making it difficult to use generic training zones effectively. Fortunately, tracking blood lactate over increasing intensities enables us to accurately determine personalized training zones. Our state of the art equipment also allows us to measure ventilatory values. The combination of blood lactate and ventilatory values is the best way to create a plan for you and determine your aerobic capacity. Using your test results, we will discover areas for improvement, take your performance to the next level, and make training more fun!

Body composition is assessed via skinfold calipers and included in the price of the athletic profile. Hydrostatic weighing is available for an additional charge.

The VO2 max test can be accomplished with:

Call to schedule your appointment 541.383.7768.

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Basic Fitness Evaluation

Evaluate your cardiovascular fitness and body fat in this introductory assessment, and have fun doing it!

  • Individual $82.50
  • 4 or more $71.50 each

Aerobic fitness is evaluated with a 6 minute sub-maximal cycling test on our lab bike ergometer. Body composition is done with a three site pinch test using the Lange skinfold calipers. This quick assessment is a great way to start your fitness program.

Call to schedule your appointment 541.383.7768.

Complete the: Medical History Online Form


Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation

Expanded evaluation that includes flexibility, strength, blood glucose, and blood pressure.

  • Individual $108.90
  • 4 or more $93.50


  • Test/Re-test within 6 months $165.00

After a light warm-up, hamstring/low back, torso rotation, and shoulder flexibility will be measured. Your muscular strength and endurance will then be evaluated using hand grip, upper body, and abdominal tests. Aerobic fitness will be evaluated using a 6 minute sub-maximal cycling test. Our goal is to evaluate your current health/fitness status and help determine areas of improvement.

Call to schedule your appointment 541.383.7768.

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Body Composition

This is an important component of any fitness plan and more valuable than BMI.

  • BodPod $50.00
  • Calipers $20.00
  • Tank $45.00
  • Tank + Calipers $60.00 (Most accurate)
  • Group rate
  • 4 or more $45 each
  • 10 or more $40.00 each

The body composition is comprised of a three sight skinfold pinch test using the Lange caliper and the hydrostatic tank. To accomplish the underwater weighing the client will kneel on an area of the tank, blow out all of the air in the lungs, and completely submerge themselves underwater for a 10-15 seconds. The tests are then compared to obtain the best estimate of body fat percent.

There is a 3% margin of error with the skinfold test. As for the tank, it depends on how much air is blown out of the lungs and the comfort level of the client while underwater without air in the lungs.

Call to schedule your appointment 541.383.7768.


Fitness and Wellness Lectures
Lectures range from getting started in a fitness program to becoming an elite athlete. They may include exercise, nutrition, stress management, etc. The lecture or workshop can be designed to fit any particular group's needs.

Wellness and Fitness lectures - Cost Varies

Call to schedule your appointment 541.383.7768.

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