Bike Test

Bike VO2max test at COCC Physiology Lab

This test requires your own bike, mountain or road, which has asmooth back tire.

We will use a lab computrainer for the test.

We want this to be a fun, valuable experience for you, in order todo that we will begin by answering questions and addressing anyconcerns you may have. We will then ask you to read and sign theinformed consent to ensure that you understand the VO2max/Lactateevaluation . Prior to the running test, we will obtain your height,weight, body fat, resting lactate, and heart rate data.

In order to calibrate the computrainer, you will warm-up for 10minutes prior to the actual test. The bike test consists ofcontinuous 3-minute stages and lasts between 18 and 24 minutes. Theinitial stages are an easy effort of cycling. Resistance increasewith each stage while your power output is measured (Watts). At theend of each stage, a small blood sample will be taken to measureblood lactate values. We also continuously monitor your heart rateand rate of perceived exertion (RPE). The test gradually increasesin effort until the client feels he/she can no longer continue. Youwill cool-down on the treadmill for 4 minutes in order for us toobtain a final lactate sample and heart rate recovery data.

Upon successful completion of the VO2max test, it takesapproximately 15 minutes for the physiologist to graph andinterpret the data from your test. You can continue to cool downduring this time if you would like. You may also want to bring aset of dry clothes to stay warm during our discussion ofresults.

The client will then have approximately 30 minutes for aconsultation that covers body composition and ideal weight goals,lactate threshold, VO2max, and individual training zones.

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