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Grants Office Services

The COCC Grants Office is available to assist faculty, administrators, and staff in the following areas:

Identification of Funding Sources

  • Serve as an informational resource for how and where to look for grant opportunities
  • Assist in researching, identifying, and reviewing potential grant opportunities
  • Make available resources for grant research

Proposal Preparation

  • Assist in development of proposal idea
  • Develop strategy, timeline, and division of responsibilities for drafting proposal
  • Identify key elements of success, challenges to be addressed, and potential resources
  • Review and edit proposal drafts
  • Assist in development of budget
  • Help identify additional funds to meet matching requirements
  • Obtain appropriate signatures
  • Submit proposals

Contracts and Grants Administration

  • Obtain approval of legal counsel as needed
  • Provide grants management support to project directors
  • Maintain official files on all pending, active, and completed proposals
  • Review and edit project reports
  • Serve as a liaison with funding agencies and partners