Grants Office

Attention Students: The COCC Grants Office works with COCC faculty, administrators, and staff to obtain grants for college programs, special projects, and capital improvements. For student grants/scholarship applications visit COCC Financial-Aid.

Grant Application Processes

We're here to help you get funding for your programs! Always contact the COCC Grants Office as your first step and to obtain forms and approvals for all grant activity. 

New Grant Activity

Searching for grants? Found a grant you'd like to apply for?
Request research assistance or approval to begin an application by contacting the Grants Office. We'll help you fill out the necessary forms to get approval to begin.

Looking to submit your completed application for a grant?
We'll review your grant application, help you complete your application, and help fill out the necessary forms to get approval to submit your application.

Donations/Sponsorships: contact the Foundation Office prior to seeking or accepting donations or sponsorships.

Grant Application Process and Forms

Please contact the Grants Office to discuss your ideas, initiate the process, and develop a strategy for obtaining extramural support. The Grants Coordinator will create an archive file for institutional tracking and overview, will prepare and distribute internal application forms, and will assist with grant writing. The Grants Office submits all grant applications for applicants on behalf of the official representative for the institution.

The COCC Grants Office is the hub for all grant activity at the College.

The purpose of the Grants Office is to maximize grant revenue while advancing the Mission, Vision, and Core Themes of the College. All grant applications must go through the grant application process coordinated by the Grants Office prior to submission. The Grants Office will help strategize planning for program support in coordination with academic departments and will serve as a resource center for grant seekers to provide support throughout the grant application process.