Facts About Deer Ridge Correctional Institution

Aerial View of Deer Ridge Correctional FacilityThe Department of Corrections (DOC) Deer Ridge Correctional Institution is located approximately four miles East of Madras, off Ashwood Road. The DOC owns 453 acres at this location. Approximately 200 acres was used for placement of the facilities. Total construction cost was approximately $190 million.

Description - Minimum Security
The certificate of occupancy was issued in March of 2007 for this new facility which includes a 644 bed men's minimum-security prison. Of these 644 beds, 212 are dedicated to special treatment programs. The DOC recognizes that programs to treat mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse are essential to the success in reforming its inmates.

Description - Medium Security
This will be a 1,228 bed men's medium-security prison which is not yet open. Co-located with the minimum facility it will include areas for inmate housing, work and education programs, health services, food services, physical plant, warehouse and storage, vehicle maintenance, administration and other related functions and programs. Of the 1,223 beds 224 are dedicated to special treatment programs and 55 are dedicated to mobility impaired inmates.

Local jurisdictions and service providers have worked with the DOC to provide the infrastructure needed to serve the facility. The DOC has paid for the installation of all services to the facility, and has paid for its share of system capacity in utility systems, such as the city's sewer treatment system. Water, telecommunications, electrical power, and natural gas utilities have been installed to the site along with improvements to Ashwood Road.

Design - Minimum Security
The design for the minimum-security facility is the same basic design of the DOC's newest facility built in Lakeview, Oregon. That design was adapted for Deer Ridge to include an additional housing unit and associated operational space. The all wood constructed facility contains over 167,000 sq ft of space. There are two housing units. Each unit is just over one acre in size. The design includes space for intensive programming which will assist inmates with integration back into their communities.

Local Involvement
The DOC has appointed a Prison Advisory Committee (PAC) consisting of representatives from Jefferson County Communities. The membership provides representation from a broad cross-section of backgrounds and local interest. The purpose of the PAC is to serve as a citizen advisory group to the DOC regarding construction activities, correctional issues and other DOC activities that may affect communities in Jefferson County. In addition, the PAC promotes effective communication between the community and the DOC. They often act as a conduit for information sharing.

The minimum-security facility, which is currently open, employs approximately 200 employees. The minimum and medium facilities, once fully operational, are projected to directly employ about 400 to 500 employees. The annual payroll is estimated at $6-8 million for the minimum facility, with an estimated total annual payroll of $22 million at full build out.

For more information about the Deer Ridge Correctional Institution please contact:
Oregon Department of Corrections
Parrish Van Wert, Community Development Coordinator
3920 East Ashwood Road
Madras, OR 97741
(541) 325-5212
E-mail: Parrish.L.VanWert@doc.state.or.us

More information available at Oregon.gov