Essential Communications and Math

ABS Student StudyingEssentials of Math

Course Description: Multi level mathematics class in which students will work at levels appropriate to their abilities in preparation to take the GED exam, transition to college level course or meet personal and workplace goals.

Covers basic math applications, developing basic algebraic reasoning, using tables, charts, and graphs to interpret data, basic geometry and calculator functions, and math relating to life skills.

Essential Communication: Reading, Writing and Speaking

Course Description: Multi-level class that strengthens and develops skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and problem solving for success in work and academics.

Students work toward GED completion or college readiness by reading and analyzing a variety of texts, constructing essays, and preparing and delivering presentations.

Class fees are $30 per class. Needs-based scholarships are also available.

Please see your location for more information, or call our office at 541-504-2950.

High school release form required for students under 18 years of age.