Redmond High School Transfer Pathway

Below is the transfer pathway from Redmond High School to any Oregon Community College or Public University.

Redmond High School students who plan to attend a community college or transfer to a university may follow this pathway through COCC. All classes will transfer, and students will earn 30 general education credits toward an Associate of Arts degree at a community college or a bachelor’s degree at any Oregon public university. The Core Transfer Map is a starting point for students who plan to transfer to a university but are unsure of intended major or transfer destination. Students who are certain of their major should consult an advisor for information on an articulation agreement, Major Transfer Map, or degree map. 

Additional course requirements may be completed via concurrent enrollment opportunities. Check with your high school counselor to see what funding (Expanded Options) may be available to cover these costs.


Core Transfer Map Required Courses


College Now Courses at Redmond High School


Courses through Concurrent Enrollment (Redmond Campus or Online)



WR 121Z




Writing (1 course) - See class schedule for details


Arts & Letters

2 courses

6 - 8



Arts & Letters (2 courses) - See class schedule for details


Social Sciences

2 courses

6 - 8

HST 202, HST 203
(AP US History)
CJ 100
(Inrto to Criminal Justice Systems)
GEOG 106, GEOG 107
(AP Human Geography)




Natural Sciences

2 courses with labs

8 - 10

    Natural Sciences (2 courses with labs) - See class schedule for details 8-10


1 course


    Math (1 course) - See class schedule for details 4

Cultural Literacy

At least 1 required course must meet Cultural Literacy outcomes.


Fulfilled through CJ 100, GEOG 106, GEOG 107, HST 202, HST 203




Total Credits

At least 8 courses


30 credits required

Redmond High School students earn transferable COCC credits while completing high school diploma requirements.

8 credits


22 credits