Culver High School

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The College Now registration deadline was Friday, April 12, 2024. Registration is now closed. Late registrations are not permitted.

College Now Courses

Subject Area High School Course
High School Teacher
COCC Course Credits




US History

Brad Woolledge

Semester 1

HST 202: 19th and Early 20th Century US History (1820-


Transfer Winter 2024
US History Brad Woolledge Semester 2

HST 203: 20th and Early 21st Century US History (1920 -

4 Transfer Spring 2024
Mathematics College Math 111 Deanna Yule Semester 1

MTH 111Z: Precalculus I: Functions

4 Transfer Winter 2024
College Math 112 Deanna Yule Semester 2

MTH 112Z: Precalculus II: Trigonometry

4 Transfer Spring 2024
Writing College Writing 121 Jennifer Collins-Watson Semester 1 WR 121Z: Composition I 4 Transfer Winter 2024
College Writing 122 Jennifer Collins-Watson Semester 2 WR 122Z: Composition II 4 Transfer Spring 2024

Where Can College Now and Concurrent Enrollment Take Me?

While College Now and Concurrent Enrollment courses are a part of many COCC programs, the following programs provide specific examples of how that coursework would apply.