Scale Express

SCALE Express helps emerging traded-sector companies create a strong foundation for growth. This program focuses on businesses with a minimum of five full-time equivalent employees and $500,000 in annual revenue with growth in the last two years.

SCALE Express is a program for businesses with a high opportunity for growth. These companies must be currently generating revenue, selling goods and/or services outside the Central Oregon region and have a desire to grow their business. The Central Oregon SBDC has specific resources and tools to serve these businesses with experienced advisers who know how to get them to the next level. They bring fresh perspectives, proven analytical and operational expertise, and creative growth strategies. They have helped other entrepreneurs to solve challenges and seize opportunities. And they can help you overcome obstacles, achieve goals, enter new markets, increase sales, and succeed.

Here's what you get with SCALE Express:

  • Confidential one-on-one advising with experienced advisers.
  • CEO mentoring to provide a sounding board and an outside perspective on the business.
  • Market research: gain insights about customers and identify new markets.
  • Search engine optimization and website evaluation to improve online presence.
  • Access to global trade assistance.
  • Assistance with access to capital to grow the business.
  • Cybersecurity threat assessment.

SCALE Express advisers will roll up their sleeves and work with you, side-by-side, assess your business and marketplace, strategize ways to grow your business and help you succeed.


GrowCentralOregon bottling co.Get started by filling out the application and contacting our office:

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Phone: 541-383-7290

If your company has already talked to an adviser and been asked to fill out our SBA 'counseling intake form', please complete the Registration for Business Advising.