Threat Assessment & Prevention Team

Approved: 05/17/2011


The Threat Assessment & Prevention Team's purpose is to review situations in which some part of the college community's health and/or safety is at risk, debrief such situations and build a collective knowledge and experience base to better prepare for future issues. In addition, TAPT will advise and support team members on various issues, but will not supplant existing College policies, procedures or responsibilities. As such, this group is a standing committee with a focus on operational items; and while it may make recommendations regarding campus policies or practices, it is not a decision-making body.

This team will not replace the focus or the teams defined in the College's Business Continuity Plan. The BCP focuses on events affecting the entirety of the campus, while this team will focus on smaller more specific situations.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-9.3 of COCC's General Procedures Manual

Current Members 2018-19:

Peter Ostrovsky, Chair
Campus Public Safety
Term: Automatic

Jenni Newby,
Instructional Dean
Term: Automatic

Andrew Davis,
Director of Student Life
Term: Automatic

Seana Barry,
CAP Services Director
Term: Automatic


Alicia Moore, interim
Human Resources - Title IX
Term: Automatic

Jamie Rougeux,
Disability Services
Term: Automatic