Sustainability Committee Charge

Approved: 11/17/11


The Committee will inspire and encourage COCC students, faculty, and staff to embrace sustainable practices at COCC. The Committee has a balanced responsibility: 1. To facilitate integration of sustainability issues, science, socio/political debate and related elements into the instructional curriculum; 2. To foster institutional operations which are environmentally sensitive and model sustainable practices; 3. To integrate sustainability practices in a ways which are cost effective and make institutional operations simpler rather than more complex. The Committee will model good practices and educate the College community to promote sustainability. The Committee will also consider thoughtful operational systems and procedures that foster movement of the College and community toward a sustainable society. The committee will not force or mandate, as such mandates weaken an organizational understanding of sustainability practices presently and in the future.

This Committee Charter recognizes that actions and projects supported by the Sustainability Committee will be assessed in an effort to demonstrate outcomes (Student Learning Outcomes and Institutional Outcomes) and also to evaluate such initiatives in light of institutional capacity. One goal is to demonstrate that through good sustainable education and conservation, significant monetary savings for the College can result.

For more information about this committee, see COCC's General Policies and Procedures Manual.

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