Strategic Enrollment Management Coordinating Team

Revised: 5/17/11

The Strategic Enrollment Management Coordinating Team (SCT) is responsible for providing overall leadership for COCC SEM planning efforts. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining a formal annual spring SEM Report. Report to include progress towards priority goals, current activities, recommend priorities for the following year(s) and related information.
  • Reporting to the Campus Executive Team quarterly as to progress towards goals and current activities.
  • Providing leadership to the SEM Task Forces. This will include at least one SCT member sitting on each task force in order to provide the historical SEM context, provide needed data and other resource support and serve as a liaison between the task force and ECG.
  • Recommending annual budget packages based on SEM goals.
  • Developing and implementing strategies for priority goals not being considered by a SEM task force.
  • Developing and updating a predictive analysis model to better anticipate future enrollment to assist in budget and planning purposes.
  • Keeping the campus engaged with and informed about SEM goals and core concepts.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-8.8 of COCC's General Procedures Manual.

Current Members 2013-14: (Note-Committee is on hold)

Ron Paradis, Co-Chair
E-Team Liaison
Term: Automatic

Donna Raymond,
Faculty, At-Large Ad hoc
Term: 2011-13

Non-Credit Programs Ad hoc
Term: 2012-14

Kevin Multop,
Dir. of Financial Aid
Term: Automatic

Brynn Pierce,
Dir. of Instit. Effectiveness
Term: Automatic

Alicia Moore, Co-Chair
E-Team Liaison
Term: Automatic

Faculty (TFR)
Term: 2012-14

Courtney Whetstine,
Dir. of Admissions, Registrar
Term: Automatic

Shawna Elsberry,
Dir. of Retention
Term: Automatic

Jenni Newby,
Instructional Administration
Term: 2011-13

Faculty (CTE)
Term: 2012-14

Vickery Viles
Dir. of CAP Services
Term: Automatic

David Dona,
Assoc. CFO
Term: Automatic