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Faculty Senate

All COCC Faculty members have access to a Blackboard course designed to facilitate communication related to proposals under consideration and to proposals actually brought to the Senate. Please use the "Sign Up" button, found under the Groups menu in the course, to add yourself to one or more representative groups. Each group has a Faculty member in the Senate representing that group.

 Senate Agendas, Related Meeting Materials, and Minutes


Date Agenda Related Meeting Materials Minutes
09/28/2020 Agenda None Minutes
10/12/2020 Agenda None Minutes
10/26/2020 Agenda None Minutes
11/09/2020 Agenda

Seat Limits During COVID19 Proposal

11/23/2020 Agenda

Service Requirements During COVID19 Proposal

Seat Limits During COVID19 Proposal

12/07/2020 Agenda ...soon Minutes
01/04/2021 Agenda ...soon Minutes
02/01/2021 Agenda ...soon Minutes
 02/15/2021 Agenda  ...soon Minutes
3/1/2021 Agenda ...soon Minutes
3/15/2021 Agenda ...soon Minutes
4/5/2021 Agenda ...soon Minutes Draft


 Pilot Year of the Faculty Senate


 2019-20 End of Year Report

Remote Education Survey Results - Summary