What to Expect in Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee meets Tuesday from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. Proposals must be represented by you or a department representative who can answer the committee's questions. Curriculum Committee will review the entire course and/or program, not just the proposed change. Chairs, deans, and the committee use approver guides when reviewing a proposal in CourseLeaf. Curriculum Committee may use a first and second reading to complete the approval process, but proposals can be approved after a first reading.

You will be notified via email when your proposal is scheduled for Curriculum Committee. Your proposal can be scheduled for a more specific timeframe between 8:30 and 9:30, but note that it is difficult to estimate the amount of time needed for each item as multiple proposals are reviewed in a meeting.

At the meeting, the chair will ask for a brief summary of the proposal. Committee members will have already reviewed your proposal and may have questions and/or comments.

The committee can either:

  • Approve after first reading with no required action items (they may have suggestions)
  • Approve after first reading with required action items
  • Vote that the proposal is insufficient for approval
  • Request a second reading

If the status of the proposal, required action items, or suggestions are not clear, the submitter is invited to ask the chair for clarification.

If the proposal needs no substantial changes, it can be immediately approved, or the committee can request it be placed on the consent agenda for the second reading, and the proposer doesn't need to attend.

If the proposal requires edits before second reading, edits must be completed by the Tuesday before second reading. Prompt attention may be required.

After the committee approves the curriculum changes, the instructional systems specialist will apply changes in the appropriate systems and send an email notification. Please note that state approval can take anywhere from one to four months.