Bachelor of Science Completion Program

Upon successful completion of the RN, AAS at COCC, students may apply to enroll in an RN to BSN completion program. These programs offer both on-campus and online options. Some are part-time, allowing students to work as an RN while continuing their education.

Alternatively, upon successful completion of the LPN Certificate at COCC, students may apply to enroll in an LPN to BSN completion program at OHSU.

Linfield College

  • Online RN to BSN
    • All students who successfully complete COCC's RN, AAS Nursing Program are guaranteed admission to Linfield's Online RN to BSN program.
    • No additional pre-requisites are required for admission to the program beyond the coursework required for COCC's RN, AAS program.
    • Students may choose between a part-time 20 month or full-time 13 month curriculum.
    • The program requires completion of 30 credits for students earning their first bachelor's degree, and 35 credits for students earning their second bachelor's degree.

Oregon Health Sciences University

  • Online RN to BSN
  • On-campus RN to BSN