Explore Career Possibilities in Forestry 

Forestry Careers Infographic

COCC Forestry graduates earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and are well-suited for employment in both private industry and public land management agencies. This degree prepares students for immediate employment in forestry-related industries, including but not limited to: forest or wildlife technician, range technician, wildland firefighter, biologic technician, hydrologic technician, and engineering technician.

Forestry Careers

COCC's Forestry discipline also offers options for students wanting to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in forestry or natural resources (Associate of Science) or for advancement in current forestry or natural resource careers (Career Pathways Certificates of Completion). Students gain hands-on experience from field-based work, including outdoor labs and field trips that will set them up for success.

Job Outlook

*Data provided by Lightcast. Salary ranges will vary by region, education, and experience.