CAD Computer Aided Drafting

CAD Program at COCCCentral Oregon Community College offers a One-Year Certificate in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and an Associate of Applied Science Option (AASO).

For students primarily interested in obtaining CAD training, the One-Year Certificate is recommended.

The AASO requires a core of CIS classes that may not be relevant to those seeking a CAD education.  Students wishing to pursue the AASO might consider completing the One-Year Certificate first and follow up by taking the requisite CIS classes.  Relevant CAD classes include instruction in AutoCAD and specific software applications such as REVIT, Civil 3D and SolidWorks.

For students on a strict schedule or those who want to advance their careers or gain additional training, the One-Year Certificate program is a better alternative to the AASO degree.  Click the Term Schedule link to see how you can fit these classes into your busy schedule.

Central Oregon Community College offers a web-based CAD program.  All CAD courses can be completed through Asynchronous Online and Remote Zoom methods.

The CAD program is a Windows based PC curriculum.  Students must have a PC running a minimum of Windows 10.  Apple products are not compatible with the software, unless running a dual-boot system with a Windows Operating System.

For details see:
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) - One Year Certificate of Completion (Online Catalog)
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) - Associate of Applied Science Option (Online Catalog)

Achieving Success

Our primary goal is providing instruction leading to computer and drafting competence.  The curriculum is rigorous and based on stated outcomes.  Part of this process begins with the potential student.  Consider current skill levels before enrolling in the program and think about the following:

  • Strong Geometrical Math Skills
  • Three Dimensional Visualization
  • Comfortable using a Windows Based Computer
  • Follow Specific Instructions
  • Retain Complex Information

Success is our Goal!

Please e-mail Sean Palagyi for additional information