Horizon Pilot Development

Horizon Air Pilot Development Program provides career track for new pilots

A unique program from Horizon Air, the Horizon Pilot Development Program, creates an industry opportunity for those who have completed private pilot training at COCC. Those accepted into the program complete training and build experience as a COCC flight instructor, leading to a position as a first officer with Horizon Air. The program offers a guaranteed two-year contract with Horizon and a $12,500 training stipend. 

Horizon Air

"It was definitely a catalyst for my career," says Tyler Jenness, who captains a Horizon Airlines Q400 out of Portland. "In addition to providing much-needed financial support to help with flight training costs, the program provided a seamless transition to Horizon Air once I reached the ATP (airline transport pilot) minimums. Just knowing that the next step in my career was there waiting for me was a huge relief and removed a huge amount of stress. I would absolutely recommend this program to others."

Jenness, whose love for flying is traced back to a childhood fascination — then a seminal flight in a Cessna 152 as a young teen, followed by endless hours spent on his Microsoft flight simulator — found the training he sought at COCC, with instructors that offered an incredible variety of experience. "Former Navy pilots, Coast Guard, helicopter tours, safety consulting firms, and mechanic backgrounds, just to name a few," he says. "Everyone always had an open-door policy if there were any questions or concerns, and everyone really wanted us to all be successful."

Today, Jenness flies throughout the Pacific Northwest — and beyond — connecting smaller communities to larger hubs. "On a recent trip, I flew to Sacramento and back, and later that day flew to Missoula for our layover." It’s been a great career takeoff.

Tyler Jenness, Aviation Program Graduate
Tyler Jenness, Aviation program graduate