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Academic Background


Dr. Stacey Lee Donohue
Professor of English/Interim Humanities Department Chair
Central Oregon Community College
2600 NW College Way
Bend, OR 97703
voice mail: (541) 383-7533



The Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York, Ph.D., English 1995.
           Dissertation: Mary McCarthy, Mary Gordon and the Irish-American Literary Tradition.
           Director: Dr. Morris Dickstein

State University of New York, Binghamton, BA, cum laude, in English: 1985


Louis B. Queary Lifetime Achievement Award in Higher Education, Central Oregon Community College, 2021
Diana Hacker/Two Year College Association Outstanding Programs in English Award, 2021
          (with Drs. Jane Denison-Furness, Annemarie Hamlin, and Tony Russell)
Francis Andrew March Award for Service to the Humanities, Association of Departments of English, 2020
Carolyn DesJardin's Leadership Award, American Association of Women in Community Colleges, 2018
American Association of Women in Community College's 2018 Community College Excellence Award, 2018
Sabbatical Awarded, Central Oregon Community College,  Fall Quarter 2018
National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Workshop, Concord, Massachusetts: A Center of Transcendentalism
          and Social Reform in the 19th Century, July 2010
Faculty Achievement Award, Central Oregon Community College, May 2008
Sabbatical Awarded, Central Oregon Community College Spring Quarter 2008
Community College Humanities Association National Distinguished Humanities Educators Award, 2007
Program for Excellence in Assessment grant, Central Oregon Community College, 2003
Program for Excellence in Teaching grant, Central Oregon Community College, 1997 and 1999
Adrienne A. Munich Dissertation Prize in Women's Studies, City University of New York: 1996
Provost Teaching Fellowship, City University of New York: 1993-94 Academic Year


Central Oregon Community College, Professor of English, 1995-present
Interim Chair, Humanities Department, 2021-2022
Interim Instructional Dean, 2015-2016
Chair, Humanities Department, 2013-2015
Chair, Fine Arts and Communication Department, 2003-2006
Excelsior College, Masters in Liberal Studies Program, Adjunct Faculty, 2001-2012
Oregon State University Cascades Campus/ Eastern Oregon University, Adjunct Instructor, 1997-2004
The New School for Social Research, Graduate School of Management and Public Policy, Graduate Student Writing
Borough of Manhattan Community College, Adjunct Instructor, 1988-95
Long Island University (Brooklyn,NY), Adjunct Instructor, 1993-1994
St. Francis College (Brooklyn, NY), Adjunct Instructor, 1992-1993
New York University, Adjunct Instructor, 1990-1993


Editorial Board, Teaching English in the Two Year College, 2021-2022
Co-Facilitator, Modern Language Association's Summer Institute for Reading and Writing Pedagogy, Sonoma
          State University, July 2021.
Co-Speaker, Community Colleges in the 21st Century Symposium, The Simpson Center at the University of Washington,
          June 2021.
Co-Speaker, Teaching at a Community College: Perspectives and Advice, Idaho State University,  March 2021
Speaker, The Simpson Center at the University of Washington, Reimagining the Humanities PhD and
          Reaching New Publics: Catalyzing Collaboration Kick Off,  Sept. 2019.
Co-Facilitator, Modern Language Association's Summer Institute for Reading and Writing Pedagogy, The Simpson
          Center at the University of Washington, Jun 2019
A Novel Idea Selection and Advisory Committees, Deschutes Public Library, 2004-2017 (Observer status,
Modern Language Association Committee on K-16 Alliances, 2017-19
Modern Language Association Mellon Grant Steering Committee, 2018-19
Association of Departments of English Executive Committee, 2014-2017 (2016-17 President)
Community College Forum Executive Committee, MLA, 2013-2018 (Acting Chair 2014-15; Secretary 2015-16;
          Chair 2016-17)
Modern Language Association Working Group on K-16 Alliances, 2014-2016
Oregon Developmental Education Redesign Work Group, 2014-2016
Oregon Placement Workgroup and Steering Committee, 2015-2016
Regional Delegate, Delegate Assembly, Modern Language Association, 2015-2018
Oregon Developmental Education Redesign, Phase II, Central Oregon Community College Team, 2014-2016
National Council of Teachers of English, Policy Analyst, 2013-2015
Modern Language Association Program Committee, 2011-2014
Community College Representative, Modern Language Association Delegate Assembly, 2008-2011
Modern Language Association Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Rights and Responsibilities, 2008-2011 
Editor, newsletter of the Community College Humanities Association, 2002-2007
Modern Language Association Committee on Community Colleges, 2002-2005 (Chair, 2004-2005)


Publications Board, The Broadside (2020-2022)
Title III Writing Lead (2016-2021)
Committee Review Workgroup (2020-2021)
Institutional Advancement Work Group (2019-2020)
Shared Governance Committee (2016-2020, Chair)
Labor Management Team (2016-2019)
Faculty Forum Executive Committee (2016-2018)
Communications Task Force (2016-2018)
Scenario Planning Work Group (2015-2016)
College Affairs (2015-2016)
Professional Improvement Resource Team (2015-2016)
Dean Team (2015-2016)
Cascades Commitment Task Force (2013-2016)
Teaching Innovation Taskforce and Faculty Mentoring (2014-2015)
Joint Curriculum Committee (2014-2015)
Chair Moot Representative on Academic Affairs (2013-2014)
College Planning Committee (2013-2014)
Faculty Forum Shared Governance Task Force (2012-2013)
Faculty Negotiations Team, Collaborative Bargaining (2012-13)
Strategic Planning Committee (2012-13)
Periodic Performance Review Task Force (2011-13)
Professional Improvement Resource Team (2009-2012, Chair 2010-11)
Promotions Committee (2007-2009)
Celebration of Academic Excellence Committee (2001-2007)
Faculty Assessment Team (2004-2007)
Faculty Professional Improvement Resources Committee (2004-2007)
Tenure Committee (2002-2004)
Accreditation Steering Committee (1997-2007)



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University of Washington's Simpson Center for the Humanities, "Community Colleges in the 21st Century: A Colloquium,"  June 2021.
Graduate Program in English, Idaho State University, Panelist on Community College Teaching Careers, March 2021.
A Novel Idea Retrospective, Deschutes County Library, Oct. 2020.
Modern Language Association,National Convention, Chicago, 2019:  Pre-Convention Workshop on Job Opportunities
          for PhD's in English.
Deschutes Public Library, "Know Jo"  (on Louisa May Alcott's Jo March), March 2019
Deschutes Public Library (A Novel Idea Kick Off Event), Bend, OR, 2018: Introducing Rakesh Satyal’s No One Can
          Pronounce My Name
Deschutes Public Library (A Novel Idea Kick Off Event), Bend, OR, 2016: Historical Biography and Lily King's Euphoria
Modern Language Association, National Convention, Austin, TX, 2016: "Current Projects of the Working Group of K-16
        Alliances" (Round table)
Deschutes Public Library (A Novel Idea Kick Off Event), Bend, OR, 2015: The Writer/Reader Relationship in Ruth Ozeki's
          A Tale for the Time Being
Modern Language Association, National Convention, Vancouver, B.C., 2015: Pre-Convention Workshop for Job Seekers
          in English
Deschutes Public Library (A Novel Idea Kick Off Event), Bend, OR, 2014: Post Apocalyptic Fiction and Peter Heller's The
          Dog Stars
Deschutes Public Library (A Novel Idea Kick Off Event), Bend, OR, 2013: Magical Realism in Eowyn Ivey's The Snow Child
Association of Departments of Foreign Languages (ADFL) Summer Seminar, Eugene, OR 2012: "Whats Driving the
          Curriculum? Shared Governance"
Deschutes Public Library (A Novel Idea Kick Off Event), Bend, OR, 2012: "New York as Metaphor in Amor Towles' The
          Rules of Civility"
Modern Language Association, National Convention, Seattle, 2012: "What is Shared Governance at a Community College?"
Modern Language Association, National Convention, Los Angeles, 2011: "Careers in Two-Year Colleges"
Community College Humanities Association, Pacific-WesternDivision Conference, Seattle, WA, Nov 2010: "Louisa
          May Alcott and Me"
Deschutes Public Library (Biography Month Lecture Series), Bend, OR, 2010: "Kate Chopin: A Life"
Celebration of Academic Excellence, Keynote Speaker, Bend, OR, 2009: "The Water is Fine"
Faculty Recognition Breakfast, Bend, OR, 2008: "Oprah's Book Club: Preaching the Gospel of Reading"
Community College Humanities Association, Pacific-Western Division Conference,Portland, OR, 2008: "Transforming
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Community College Humanities Association National Conference, San Antonio, TX, 2007: "Portfolios in the Literature
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Redmond Public Library, Women's History Month Lecture Series, 2007: "Louisa May Alcott: The Real Life of a 'Little
Portland State University Student Success and Retention Conference, 2007: "Multipurpose Rubrics"
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          and Low"
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          College Job Interview" (with Drs. Sean Murphy and Deborah Gibbs);
Modern Language Association National Convention, San Diego, 2003: "The Job Option at Community Colleges: A
         Roundtable" (with Drs. David Berry and George Scheper)
Community College Humanities Association National Convention,Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2003. "Writing for Publication: A
          Roundtable" (with Drs. Emily Sohmer-Tai and Ned Wilson)
Community College Humanities Association Pacific-Western Division Conference, San Francisco, 2002: "'Can I Say
          'Orgasm' On TV?' And Other Adventures in Instructional Technology" (with Drs. Cora Agatucci and Karen Huck); 
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         Invisible Man and Walker's Meridian"
The Thirties: Literature, Politics and Culture, Youngstown State University,OH, 1992: Mary McCarthy: A Moralist of the


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