Lost & Found Policy


The Campus Safety Office (CPSO), Boyle Education Center (or Room 161) is a resource for persons that have lost or found high value or critical items on the Central Oregon Community College campus. High value (perceived value of $50 or more) and/or critical (i.e., wallets, purses, keys, cell phones, etc.) will be accepted and secured in compliance with ORS 98.245 and the CPSO will attempt to contact the owner directly, when possible, and arrange for owner to claim. Call CPSO immediately for all found items perceived to be high value and/or critical.

Found items other than high value and critical will be stored for 90 days by Admissions and Records, Boyle Education Center. Found items that are not of high value and/or critical will be sent via interoffice mail to Admissions and Records.

After 90 days all unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to a certified non-profit. Items that risk the security of others will be destroyed. Items that risk the health of others cannot be stored and will be disposed of promptly.

To claim any lost items please visit the Admissions and Records or contact the CPSO if lost item is high value or critical.