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"Science is a great game. It is inspiring and refreshing. The playing field is the universe itself."
- Isidor Isaac Rabi 1898-1988

Science encompasses many different bodies of knowledge and pervades our everyday life. Through logical, systematic inquiry, a study of science reveals the nature of living organisms, our environment and natural forces at work in the world. COCC offers the lower division courses necessary to complete the first two years of a Bachelor's degree program in biology, botany, entomology, microbiology, fisheries and wildlife science, chiropractic medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary medicine, and zoology. Many courses are available for the first two years of pre-medical, pre-dental, physics, chemistry, geology, and math programs. Preparatory courses for such medical-related programs as nursing, medical records, medical technician, massage therapy, vet tech, pharm tech, dental assisting, medical assisting and physical therapy are also available.

The six science disciplines represented at COCC are:

Helpful Background
Math and science courses from high school are all beneficial; however, preparatory classes are also available at COCC. A strong grasp of algebra is valuable in most science courses. The COCC placement test will assist you in determining the appropriate level math course.

Career Opportunities
Careers are abundant in science-related fields: teaching and research are common among all disciplines. Other employment options exist in federal, state/local agencies, business and government, health fields, science writing, public relations, personnel, plant production, lab technicians and inspection and testing.

Transfer Options
Most specializations within the field of science require training at least through the Bachelor's degree. COCC offers the Associate of Arts degree (AA) that meets the state-wide transfer degree agreement. With this AA, you can meet the general education requirements at each Oregon public university. Specific courses vary among universities, so it is valuable to plan ahead and work with your advisor.

Pre-professional Studies
The term "pre-professional" usually applies to jobs which require a minimum of four years of college. Pre-professional education tends to be in subjects which are primarily science, social science, and communications, such as pre-medicine, pre-engineering, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary, pre-pharmacy, and pre-chiropractic. Due to the specialized nature of certain programs, it may be recommended that you take only the first year of some pre-professional studies before transferring. At COCC, you will be matched with an advisor who is up to date on the educational requirements of a profession. Working together, you can build the appropriate pre-professional transfer program.

For more information about Science programs at COCC, please contact the Science Department at 383-7550.