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¡AVANZA! Moving Forward!

GANAS Edúcate Summer Symposium

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Avanza flyer 2022

Avanza 1 Students & Proyecto Mural Artists Interview

Avanza students continue their commitment to the community especially during these uncertain times. This time, they in collaboration with Land Watch, Mecca Bend and the City of Bend are working in the creation of a mural art for the Franklin Avenue pedestrian tunnel in Bend, OR. It is called "Proyecto Mural". They interview two local artists in charge of the execution of the art project. We invite you to learn about the experiences that our Avanza students participate as this project progresses.

View: Avanza 1 Students & Proyecto Mural Overview (PDF)

Avanza students presented at a Bend City Council Meeting
Video: Bend City Council Meeting - January 20, 2021
Fast forward to 1:11:37 for the student presentation (10 min.)

Avanza students interviewed by Steve Kaufmann of Central Oregon Daily
Video: Avanza Students Interview Zoom Recording - May 2021