Practice Websites


There are several web sites that can help you practice your multiplication facts.  Remember that you first began learning multiplication in elementary school.  Because of that, most of the web sites designed to provide multiplication practice are targeted at elementary age students.  Try to look beyond the "elementary" look of many of these site and take advantage of what they have to offer.


Begin by going to checking your multiplication fact fluency.  Click on the link and take the Pre-test.  (Do not turn on picture hints!)


Being able to finish in less than 3 minutes is a good starting target.  Finishing in less than 2 minutes with no errors means it is time to move on!

Once you have an idea what you need to work on, here are some web sites that can help you practice.  Note:  Some of these sites have "premium member" options - in other words, you can pay to open more site functionality.  Everything described below is accessible FREE, so you should not have to pay to take advantage of any of the materials listed below (or anywhere else on this web site). - Set a timer and try to fill the entire basic multiplications fact board. - There are a lot of cutesy little online games that can be used for practice.  The different games have different feature, so check out several.  Some allow you to focus on one fact family (like all of the 8 X's), while others let you select groups of facts.  (I'm partial to Granny Prix - Multiplication.)  Notice also that some games, like Granny Prix, have multi-player and single player options.) - More straight forward facts practice without the cute game, but with 11 and 12 times tables. - Take a timed, leveled "test" to practice your fluency.  By Level 4 the problems take a little mental computation (problems like 19 X 5...  You might think 20 X 5 which is 100, less 5, since there are only 19 sets of 5 and not 20 sets of 5, for an answer of 95), so start fairly low.  You will need to begin by picking Multiplication Facts.

NCTM Product Game - This game will take a little longer to learn (there are good instructions), but is a great strategy game where you will practice lots of facts.

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