Communication at COCC

Internal communication at COCC is a top priority and our communication channels are designed to give every employee the opportunity to be connected and well informed

COCC employees are expected to read daily the two COCC Outlook communication folders, COCC Headlines and Bobcat Community. In addition, all COCC employees will periodically receive a "Bobcat Briefs" email. This email will highlight College news and serve as a reminder for employees to check the two communication folders:

COCC Headlines

COCC Headlines is the main channel for overarching official College news and business. Posts to this Outlook folder are made by the president, President's Advisory Team members, policy committee chairs and the Marketing and Public Relations department.

Communication at COCC

Bobcat Community

The Bobcat Community Outlook folder is for college-wide communication by employees, departments and non-policy committees. All posts must be COCC related and relevant to most employees. Posts can be made by any COCC employee; one post per announcement.

 Bobcat Briefs

Other ways to communicate

In addition, College employees may use the Breakroom Outlook folder for announcements not related to the College. Examples include information about off-campus events, requests for recommendations for professional services and items for giveaway.