COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Redmond Computing Facilities

Redmond 3 Drop-in Lab

For More Information Call 541-504-2904

Location: Redmond Building 3, Room 324

Entering through the front entry doors of Building 3, the computer lab is located to the left of the reception area off the lobby in room 324.

Drop-In Computer Lab

  • 6 Windows computers. (4 Available for social distancing)
  • Collaborative Group Work Space (2 Seats available for social distancing)
  • Laptop Lane
  • 1 HP Scanner
  • 1 ADA station
  • GoPrint Pay-to-Print


  • Building 1, Room 128
    • 29 Windows computers (Reduced capacity for social distancing)



The Redmond Campus is equipped to provide wireless network access to registered users. For more information please refer to the Wireless Network web page.

Redmond Campus

Redmond Campus Map