Pioneer Computing Facilities

For More Information, Call 541-383-7722

Pioneer Hall is the building just behind the Bookstore. Pioneer Hall is the location of the very first COCC computer lab.

Through the East doors, enter the second floor of Pioneer Hall. To your left is the Hitchcock Auditorium. Turn to your right and continue through the student lounge area. On your right just past the stairs is Room 200 a student drop-in computer lab.



The upstairs lounge has 6 study carrels equipped with Ethernet ports available for accessing the Internet using laptops. If you have an Ethernet card and a 10-base-T connection, your PC will automatically receive an IP address on bootup if it has tcp/ip installed and is set to "obtain IP address from DHCP server."


All of Pioneer is equipped to provide wireless network access to registered users including COCC & OSU-Cascades students. For more information, please refer to the Wireless Network web page.

Drop-in Computer Lab

  • Location: Second Floor, Room 200
  • 28 Windows computers
  • 1 iMac
  • 2 HP scanners
  • 1 ADA station
  • GoPrint Pay-to-Print


  • Location: First Floor, Room 113; & Second Floor, Rooms 200A, B, C, D and 232
  • 28 Windows computers in each room

Inside Pioneer Lab(2)