Computer Network Account

What is a Student Network Account?

This account permits you to connect to the College computer network and is required to use computers on campus. The instructions for logging on are the same as for COCC email. For assistance with account problems contact a Computer Lab.

How do I receive a Student Network Account?

  • Students (Credit) are eligible for a COCC Network Account as follows:
    • COCC Students, as soon as they are admitted
    • Dual enrolled OSU-Cascades/COCC Students
  • Student accounts will be automatically generated within 24 hours of becoming eligible. Account information will be included in the admittance information which is sent via mail as well as to your personal email.

How long do I have my COCC Student Network/Email Account?

  • Student network/email accounts will be deleted if the student does not attend for one year. A student is considered to be "attending" if they are enrolled in at least one COCC credit class or dual enrolled with OSU-Cascades.
  • Students will always receive a warning email before their COCC Student Network Account is deleted. The student will have two weeks after receiving this message in which to retrieve any data or email they wish to save.
  • The College has the right to prescribe a deviation from the above guidelines.

What can I do with my Student Network Account?

On the COCC campus (Bend, Redmond or Madras)

  • Use our computers to access the Internet, your email accounts, and software which the College provides through the campus network (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.). You will also have access to your own "My Documents" folder located on our server.
    • My Documents Folder This folder is your own private space on our network making it very important that you log off when finished. Students are allowed 200MB of disk space on the COCC file server. You will be warned via COCC email when you have reached 190MB of space.

What Happens if I go over the 200MB of Space Allowed?

  • You will receive a warning via COCC email that you have reached 190MB of space, since the limit is set to 200MB you will need to start deleting or moving files.
    • You can move your files to another type of File Storage.
  • You will also see a file redirection error when you log in.
  • If you reach 200MB you will no longer be able to save files to the "My Documents" folder.
  • You may need to contact a Lab Attendant for help deleting files.
    • If it appears that all of your files have "disappeared" a Lab Attendant can help you.
    • Where are my Documents
  • How can I check my available space?
    • Right mouse click on your "My Documents" folder
    • Click on Properties and then the General tab
    • "Size" will tell you how much space you have used
  • Tip: Don't forget to empty your desktop Recycle Bin!


How do I Change My Password?

Changing your password will change the password to your COCC email, network account, Bobcat, and Canvas password!

From any COCC campus computer

  1. Log on
  2. Hold down the Ctrl> and Alt> keys on your keyboard and tap the Delete key
  3. Click Change Password
  4. Fill out the form

*You may also use the COCC Password Manager button found on the COCC Student login page from any computer/browser.