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Get the start you need to succeed

You can expect to work at least 86,000 hours over your lifetime!

Wouldn’t you like to have a career where you will enjoy spending those hours? 

The COCC Career & College Connections Hub is an excellent resource for students interested in exploring career options and opportunities. From career exploration to opportunities for getting real-world experience, the Resource Hub is here to support the next step in your adventure.

There are many things you can do in high school to explore potential careers and create a plan for after graduation. This hub will help you, and those who care about you, learn about the options and resources available for to assist you with career exploration, academic planning, and creating a future after high school that excites and motivates you. There is a great path out there for every student. Let us help you find yours!


Steps To Explore Your Career Interests & Create Your Future


How to use the Career & College Connections Hub:

  • Learn more about yourself to help you find a career path that is a good fit for your interests, skills, personality, and goals
  • Explore career pathways that align with what interests and motivates you
  • Understand the education and training required for your career interests
  • Gain real-world experience to help you explore the world of work
  • Learn the desired employability skills employers are looking for



Step 1: Know Yourself

Use career assessments to learn more about your interests, skills, preferences & strengths


Step 2: Explore

Learn about career pathways that might be a good fit for you and the educational pathways that will get you there.

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Step 3: Experience

Find opportunities to get experience in the real world and prepare for life after high school:

  • Take college classes in high school
  • Talk to professionals as well as explore internships, job shadows, entry level jobs, volunteer opportunities and so much more.

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Step 4: Plan

Take the next steps towards your future:

  • Apply to college or apprenticeships
  • Apply for entry level jobs and gain employability skills
  • Apply to financial aid


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