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Give Students the Tools and Opportunities They Need for Career Exploration

As an educator, you know that motivation plays an important role in your students’ success. Students who have a personal and compelling vision of what their future holds are more likely to be engaged in the classroom, graduate from high school, pursue post-secondary training or education, and select high demand, high skill careers. As an educator you have the power and influence to help students discover a career pathway that encourages them to reach their goals and ambitions.

We can help you develop career preparation and exploration programs that really make an impact! Career Connected Learning offers age-appropriate curriculum, teaching resources, and work-based learning opportunities to help Central Oregon students make the connection between what they learn in school and how they can use the lessons in future career paths. Our work focuses on career awareness, career exploration, and workplace learning in all career clusters.

Work-based learning moves classroom instruction into the world and can bring the real world into the classroom. We connect students and educators with opportunities to learn more about the world of work from local industry and college experts.

Remember to check out the Career Pathways Portal for Career Specific Resources for Teachers and Educators