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Give Students the Tools & Opportunities They Need for Career Exploration and Readiness

As an educator, you know that motivation plays an important role in your students’ success. Students with a compelling vision for their future are more likely to stay engaged in the classroom, graduate from high school, pursue postsecondary training or education, and select high-demand, high-skill careers.

Career Connected Learning offers age-appropriate curriculum, teaching resources, and work-based learning opportunities to help Central Oregon students make the connection between the classroom and their future goals and ambitions in the world of work.

Expand Your Classroom with Guest Speakers, Career Exploration, Campus or Workplace Tours, and Work-Based Learning Opportunities


COCC Campus Tours:

Schools, organizations, or large groups can request a visit through the COCC Admissions Office.


  • COCC campus
  • Culinary program

Information sessions:

  • College 101
  • Why COCC?
  • Admissions Workshop
  • Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Concurrent Enrollment Options

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Bend campus

Career Connected Learning Opportunities:

Let us know what type of Career Connected Learning opportunity you would like for your classroom:

  • Industry guest speakers
  • COCC program specific guest speakers
  • COCC CTE program tours (such as health care, manufacturing, veterinary technician, automotive, STEM, fire science, and more)
  • Curriculum resources and support: Career exploration, employability skills, college & career readiness
  • Mock interviewers
  • Industry field trip or work-based learning activity
  • Contacts for informational interviews (industry and/or COCC faculty)


We will work collaboratively with you to find COCC and/or community resources to support your vision. Keep in mind that we may not be able to find a resource that fits your needs or time frame, but we will do our best. For additional assistance, please contact Wendi Worthington, COCC CCL Systems Navigator at

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