Oregon Cascade Glaciers: Past-to-Future Lecture Series

Oregon Cascade Glaciers

Photo Credit: Anders E. Carlson, Ph.D.

The Oregon Cascade Mountain Range divides the state between the dry east, and wet west. This mountain range hosts crucial water resources for Oregonians in the form of snow pack and glaciers. While snow pack varies year-to-year, Cascade glaciers act as a reliable water resource every year. These glaciers also interacted with volcanic eruptions that helped shape the range itself. However, global warming is driving an unprecedented retreat and disappearance of glaciers, threatening a vital water resource, and serving as visual indicators of how human greenhouse gas emissions are changing the landscape and environment of Oregon.

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Topics Include: 

  • What a glacier is and its role as a water resource
  • Ice Ages and Oregon glacier variability
  • Fire & Ice: how volcanoes and glaciers made the Cascades of today
  • Global warming and Oregon glaciers
  • Potential futures for Oregon glaciers and solutions to our climate crisis

Every other Monday, September 23 to November 18, 2024

COCC's Bend Campus, Health Careers Center, Room 140.

5:30-7:30 p.m.

Registration $49

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To register by phone contact Community Education at 541-383-7270