Workplace Spanish

Workplace Spanish

Explore how our learner-friendly Workplace Spanish courses can change the way you interact with Spanish-speaking employees, clients, patients, community members and customers. COCC’s Continuing Education Workplace Spanish program offers basic conversational Spanish training to help you bridge the language gap and gain appreciation for Latin American culture. Using a combination of foundational Spanish grammar and immediately applicable workplace specific phrases, our Workplace Spanish courses help professionals learn quickly and start speaking immediately.

Who should attend? Owners, supervisors, managers in Construction and Manufacturing, classroom educators, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, first responders, public-sector employees, travel and hospitality workers, Human Resource managers, and landscape professionals. No prior knowledge of Spanish required.

Benefits to your company:

  • Increase productivity when employees communicate more effectively
  • Increase employee satisfaction with your organization’s commitment to employee individual growth and development
  • Maximize employee performance with improved communications – limit time, effort and resource waste caused by misunderstandings and miscommunications

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