Pine Mountain Sports

Dan McGarigle's experience with the COCC Small Business Management Program 

With 15 years in the cycling and outdoor industry, owning a sports store was a natural fit for Dan McGarigle, owner of Pine Mountain Sports on Century Drive in Bend. Even after eight years of running the store, he felt that he needed to learn more. When he received a flyer in the mail about COCC’s Small Business Management Program, he signed up. "I needed an education like this because like most small business owners, I was in the industry long before owning a shop," says Dan. "I know product and had great relationships with our representatives, but zero exposure as to how to financially run a small business."

"The most useful part of the program has been the one-on-one tutoring that I have received from the SBM instructor," he reflects. "It’s like having an all-knowing mentor at our disposal. The advisor has not only helped me understand business, but has helped us improve everything we do."

His advice to other small business owners? "I would only say there are always things we do not know; these courses can help us whittle those things away. I believe it will be an ongoing education for the rest of my life."

Partnership with the SBDC at COCC

Dan worked with his SBM advisor to understand the key financial drivers for ensuring business success. That included working to improve monthly cash flow by developing projections to plan for the seasonal ups and downs of sales, and also to plan for termed vendor payments in the future. He also worked to improve key performance indicators such as profit margins, labor costs, sales per square foot and inventory turns as compared to industry averages. The goal: to consistently be a top performer in his industry in all areas of running the business. 

Dan, Pine Mtn Sports

Pine Mountain Sports

Owner: Dan McGarigle


255 SW Century Dr Bend OR 97702
(541) 385-8080

Employees: 7 Full-time
2 Part-time