Non-credit Training Certificate (NCTC)

A “Non-credit Training Certificate” is a form of recognition awarded by a community college made up of a single stand-alone course or a series of courses that do not offer college credit for completion. An assessment of measurable outcomes or mastery of learning or knowledge is required. OAR 589-006-050 (36)Occupational Training

NCTCs provide documentation of skill attainment for specific occupational employment needs. “Attendance only” classes do not qualify for the Non-credit Training Certificate. These are short-term programs that provide skills training in response to regional occupational needs.

Because NCTCs are offered based on industry needs, specific start dates are identified in each NCTC Program Guide, including the total number of hours involved.

COCC Continuing Education has offered Non-credit Training Certificates in the following areas:

NOTE: A further general description of Non-credit Training Certificates can be found in the current College Catalog.