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ELL Online Resources

Listed below are numerous online resources that can be used to supplement traditional classroom language instruction. Including grammar, verbs, and activities for any student.

Guides for Instructors & Students:

COCC's ELL faculty have designed a guide for instructors working with ELL students. Here is the Instructor Guide to Supporting English Language Learners (ELL) in the Classroom.

There is also a guide for ELL students. Click one of the below links to access the student guide in English or Spanish.

How to be Successful in COCC Writing Classes: A Guide for ELL Students (in English)
Cómo tener éxito en las clases de escritura del COCC: Una Guía para Estudiantes de ELL (en Español)


ELL Resources: - has quizzes for all levels, crosswords, etc. - contains many links to other sites - vocabulary, verb tenses, prepositions, irregular verbs, listening, reading, games, and more! Choose from the menu on the left. phrasal verb dictionary. This is great to learn and understand phrases such as "run into", "run out of", "talk back", "blow over", etc. Click on one of the letters on the left to see a list of phrasal verbs starting with that letter. has a good review of all of the verb tenses with exercises prepositions and very common phrasal verbs - many great activities - idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, quizzes, slang - listen and do exercises - listen to interviews from English speakers around the world. Then do an exercise about what you heard.

Grammar Quizzes



    This website from the University of Minnesota has several great life-skills online activities, such as writing a check and filling out a timecard. The students listen to a brief explanation of the lesson and then complete several activities which reinforces what they have learned.
    This website explains how to use a computer mouse and has a variety of activities to help the students become more comfortable with computer use.

Listening Activities


Reading Activities


Examples of Theme-Specific Activities

Jobs and Professions

Food and Eating


Specific Grammar Activities


    This website has three different activities that have students work with prepositions. It is designed for younger native-English speaking students, but the activities are interesting and would work well in a multi-level class.




Websites That Can Be Used in a Variety of Classroom Activities

    This website contains numerous photographs from every state and lends itself to a variety of speaking and writing activities where students may be asked to express their opinion. For example, students may be assigned two or three states and then have to look at the pictures from these states. Then they may be assigned to choose the state that they would prefer to live in and share this with a partner, giving an explanation for their choice. In this manner, students are using both computer skills and English skills.
    This website can be used to practice reading directions and maps. Students can be assigned to input their home address and another interesting destination in the city or in the United States. They then can be assigned to explain how to get from their home location to their destination to a partner.